Material TypeLoan periodOptional renewalsFines per dayMax fine per item
Adult and young adult books21 days3$0.20$7.00
Interlibrary Loan materials21 daysNo renewals$0.20$7.00
Children’s books21 Days3$0.10$7.00
Audio books21 days3$0.20$7.00
Magazines21 days3$0.20$7.00
Adult DVDs7 days3$0.20$7.00
Children’s DVDs7 days3$0.20$7.00
Interlibrary Loan DVDs7 daysNo renewals$0.20$7.00
Museum, aquatarium, park and conservation area passes4 daysNo renewals
No holds
Kill-a-watt meter7 days3$0.20$7.00
Digital projector
*in-library use only
11 hoursNo renewals$1.00$7.00