We are here to help you register for your vaccine appointment every day from 1-3pm!
Starting today, you can stop by the Station for help registering for your vaccine appointment if you are eligible to register. Please see the website linked below to research your eligibility.
The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Booking Center is open for registration, as well as the Ontario Online portal. People who need help with online registration may stop by the Station for help. We can guide you through the process or do it for you. Please wear a mask and expect some delays if we are busy with other community members, as we only have one computer station dedicated to the process.
You will need your Health Card, an email address (or we can use a general one for you), and personal identification. All information will be kept confidential during the process and will not be kept on record. We will print an appointment reminder for you, but all appointment information will be deleted after your registration, so it is up to you to retain.
If you’d rather book over the phone, you may call the Leeds, Grenville, and Lanark Booking Center toll free at 1-844-369-1234 from 8:30am – 4pm, seven days a week only until early April.
Or call the Ontario Booking line toll free at 1-888-999-6488 from 8am – 8pm, Monday – Sunday.

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