This is it!

We are down to only Lego Robotics programs for next week. If there are any spaces left, please try your preferred program.

LEGO ROBOTICS PROGRAM REGISTRATIONS! You may register for THREE (3) of the sessions, but only one of each type (Sumobots, Line Follower & Maze Challenge). All programs are open to children aged 8 and up.

All sessions are offered through a generous donation by the Elizabeth Kelly Foundation and will be run by the fabulous people from Steampunk Education. If your child is coming to one of the 4-7pm programs, please make sure they eat a healthy meal or snack as the program will only stop for a brief break and we will only have a small snack for anyone who needs it.

As always, if you sign up for an event and can’t make it, please let us know as soon as possible so we can try to fill the space. Please click on the links to register for each one individually.

Monday, August 14, LEGO SUMOBOTS – 4-7pm  *FULL*

Tuesday, August 15, LEGO LINE FOLLOWER – 4-7pm  *FULL*

Wednesday, August 16, LEGO MAZE CHALLENGE – 4-7pm  *FULL*

Thursday, August 17, LEGO LINE FOLLOWER – 4-7pm  *FULL*

Friday, August 18, LEGO SUMOBOTS – 1-4pm  *FULL*

Monday, August 21, LEGO MAZE CHALLENGE – 4-7pm  *FULL*

Tuesday, August 22, LEGO LINE FOLLOWER – 4-7pm  *FULL*

Wednesday, August 23, LEGO SUMOBOTS – 4-7pm  *FULL*

Thursday, August 24, LEGO SUMOBOTS – 4-7pm *FULL*

Friday, August 25, LEGO LINE FOLLOWER – 1-4pm *FULL*


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